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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Balconies BALKON or Patio's in Turkiye

Spending time with friends and family is a daily love of Turkiye.
Must keep in stock teas and tea glasses, and cookies.

Here are some of the balconies in Turkiye.

It is also one of my passions. Though a couple of years ago, or last year, 
I went to Colorado, and Vegas on a whim. I totally was coming back in a few days
and ended up taking my time. I was very sadden that most of all my plants had died.
I cried for days. I ended up redoing the balcony with artificial plants. 
It may not be the same as having fresh, but I know when I leave next time,
I won't have to worry about my plants dying. Actually only one desert plant survived.   

Thank you for sharing your balcony.
Erden Seyman
Rubbİye Beşler şapçı
İbrahim Şen

Thank you @Senİnle'de

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