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Monday, June 23, 2014

Preet | Pree Mayall | Haji Springer | Bohemia

Pull out the dance floors, everyone pile up in the Lambo, and get to the Club. 
Give a copy of this music Preet to the D.J.
 This is full night club dancing. 

It is in English and Punjab, but who cares, its the beatz and the vocals of Pree Mayall, 
 that is killing this single. 
Bohemia's part is superb. His last sentence is my favorite part, it just gives me chills and his rap style sounds really hard to do. I always appreciate his vocals and the work he does to those punjab words. The  intensity and fierce in each word, incredible.  

I have not had enough time to dissect all the Punjabi parts, but the beatz, and Pree Mayall's vocals
are carrying the song to a whole new level of Hip Hop. 

I stress give a copy of this song to the D.J. as soon as you walk in. 
That way he has time to hear it before he plays it. 
The clubs are going to be in Desi delirious state. 

I love it, and get your copies here: 


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