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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Food was declared unsafe-given away free

Greece: Consumers line up for free produce 

People in Athens have been queuing for up to half an hour to get their hands on free fruit and vegetables handed out in the capital by protesting farmers. 

The local press has observed that the people who were queuing were not the homeless or the unemployed, but rather the ordinary person in the street who, up until recently, would have thought nothing of paying for such goods in the markets. 

The vegetables given out were mostly potatoes, carrots and onions. The farmers were giving away the produce after their food was declared unsafe due to use of chemicals in production combined with poisonous, naturally occurring minerals in the ground around the district of Thebes. 

Many of the people collecting the free produce admitted they were doing so, not in solidarity with the farmers, but because the economic situation in the country had made buying food more of a challenge in recent months. 

The farmers gave away 25 tonnes of produce over a four hour period.


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