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Monday, March 3, 2014

Cappadocia- Nevsehir - Avanos- Zelve -Anatolia, Turkey

Photo's belong to me-Lynn

The surrealistic geological formation of Cappadocia is one of the wonders of the world. It is the result of the natural forces during the intense volcanic activity.

In addition to the European Alps, the Taurus Mountains of southern Anatolia were formed during the Tertiary period of geological development (65 million to 2 million years ago). During the "Alpine period" of mountain-building, deep fissures and large depressed areas were created. The fracturing process allowed the subsurface magma (rocks in their molten state) to find its way to the surface where it formed the Erciyes, Develi, Melendiz, Kegiboydoran, and Hasan Dag cones.

After numerous eruptions these cones increased in size and formed a chain of volcanoes running parallel to the Taurus Mountains. Also the volcanic material slowly ran towards the depressed areas and covered the previously formed hills and valleys. This geological activity changed the general landscape of the region, giving it the appearance of a plateau.

Wind, climate, mechanical weathering, rain, snow, and rivers caused the erosion giving to Cappadocia its unusual and characteristic rock formations. Rain and rivers also formed valleys such as Zelve and Goreme.

There is much more History than I could ever write, or tell you about.
Traveling to Turkiye each year has been a totally awesome experience.

Will post more photos and give you Links. Thanks for your interest. 
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