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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

56 Days Until Christmas 2013

Time has past really fast this year. I am thinking of where did the time go too? 
Just a quick reminder....Addoway is open 24/7 -365 Days a year.
Thats right, I am an Online Marketplace Store Owner, been there now almost 4 years.
Love to sell there....its full of tools to advertise your store, but mostly your the boss.
Looking to make a few bucks, here is your place. Try it out FREE, if you enjoy it, 
stay a while.

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So many Gift ideas. So come on down Shop early, while the Store Owners are excited for 
the Holiday Season Shopping. There is Cyber Day Deals everywhere. So come on by....
don't forget to visit me, but don't let the name fool you. I owned the domain, and yes there 
is some Turkish items left, I sell collectibles to Beauty products, Brands, teas and more.

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Scoop:  FedEx said e-commerce is growing globally at three to four times the rate of traditional retail buying in brick and mortar stores.

With stores offering big online sales discounts, FedEx expects this year's Cyber Monday to be the busiest day in its shipping history.
Each year, the big online shopping day hits the Monday after post-Thanksgiving holiday sales and many retailers offer special discounts on online purchases. This year, Cyber Monday falls on Dec. 2.



  1. Good luck with your Christmas sales. This blog looks so great. Love the color. Judy

    1. Why Thank you Ms. Judy. Ditto on Christmas sales!! Happy Holidays. Ms L.