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Monday, November 12, 2012

Workers Pick Bananas for Pay Of Just 2.25 Each Day In Africa

Jan Nimmos photos

Scottish film-maker Jan Nimmo has shot footage of banana workers in Cameroon. The documentary reveals pickers are paid just £2.25 each day.

The Glasgow artist says her short film, Portraits From Cameroon, exposes the human cost of cheap bananas grown in Africa for the European market.

Jan Nimmo has shot footage in the plantations in Africa and says the workers are being used by UK stores in a banana price war.

One of the most shocking moments she witnessed while filming in Cameroon was heavily pregnant women being exposed to chemicals while they worked.

She said: “The women were unfolding blue bags which are used to protect bananas from pests. The bags are coated with a chemical called chlorpyrifos which can cause numbness, weight loss, birth defects, loss of libido, respiratory problems and suicidal thoughts.”

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Scots film-maker exposes plight of African plantation workers earning pittance picking fruit for UK supermarkets - Daily Record

 "To see Jan’s film, log on to www.jannimmo.com/Cameroon.html"

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