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Friday, September 14, 2012

Potato Protests on the Streets of Dublin

A mock funeral took place in Ireland yesterday to mark what protesters termed "the death of Ireland's good food." The protesters, who included organic and conventional growers amongst their ranks, were on the streets of the capital to protest over the recent GM potato experiment carried out by Teagasc. The protest came about after repeated attempts to secure a High Court ruling allowing a legal challenge of the potatoes without cost, were refused. The protesters hoped to put pressure on Teagasc to move the potatoes from open cultivation to a greenhouse, at least until all legal challenges had expired. The three month judicial review will end next month. "Dig up the spuds," the crowd shouted outside the Department of Agriculture. They carried placards reading "Hey, Teagasc, leave our spuds alone," and "Nobody wants GM potatoes." Teagasc has defended the experiment, stating that it is neither for or against GM crops, but wants to establish the facts so that they can speak for themselves. Source: irishtimes.com

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