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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mediterranean Blue Crab

Mediterranean Blue Crabs-Turkiye

Traveling to South Turkiye
Beautiful historic country of Turkiye (Turkey) with its history comes food and its people.

Prior to arriving to Demre, had to stop and have the famous Mediterranean (turkish) blue crab. The restaurant is built right along and over the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It is open air and I sat right next to the waters and I could see fish in the water. 
 I for one had never even seen a blue crab, so the owner let me see it before it was cooked. I don't remember the fish I had along with the blue crab, but I never tasted such good grill fish. 
What I do know there are five species of crab that are highly valued and economically profitable found in Turkish Mediterranean waters. From May to July, the Mediterranean blue crabs spawn.

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