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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Uncovering Yenikapi

You know how much I love history, especially from Turkiye (Turkey), and my luck,  coming to Dallas,  is the  Dr. Ufuk Kocabas, Director of Yenikapi Project.
Yenikapi project is one of the largest maritime excavations and surfaced during the metro 
construction. Remains of ships and artifacts from the 11th century port of the Roman empire in Istanbul is not the only finding; On deeper levels, a grave from neolithic times is found which changes the history of Istanbul.

To read more on this project, CLICK LINK below....

Here is another great website to view some of the artifacts and videos about the:

Yenikapı Archaeological Excavations

click below to see more....(please watch the videos to understand
what is going on with this project.

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