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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Addoway - What Users Are Saying

First you must click on this link to:

Addoway is an online marketplace for all things fashion, collectibles and much, much more. Our mission is to bring the next generation of "social commerce" to the masses, where shoppers can buy from their friends and the merchants they trust. While other notable marketplaces use stranger's experiences to create reputation, Addoway integrates directly with Facebook, giving users recommendations to reputable sellers through people they already know.
Addoway recommends independent merchants that friends have purchased from in the past, merchants that friends know personally and others who are upfront about their identity and reputation.
Shop for everything from designer clothing and jewelry to unique crafts and collectibles,
 all at up to 70% off!

Experience the next generation of social shopping.

Click here to Shop, Sell and Buy


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