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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When I became Turkish Market-USA

TurkishMarket came about when I was getting bored with Cheerleadergirl. That was the name of my first store. Its not actually I got bored, I was doing so much research for the TurkishMarket I was getting antzy.I wanted to sell Turkish Teas to the world. Well it happened. I send to Netherlands,Italy,Switzerland,Czech Republic every weeek tea.

 Many of my customers are tea bag collectors. Who figured I thought they all be in Europe sipping their teas outside on patio's and balcony.

They do, but save the bags. How wild is that. I sell every week  to overseas,and to Canada and USA.

I am the Turkish tea peddler.

I have name brands like Twinnings of London,Ahmad London,Caykur, Do─čadan,Yogi

and many more.Sometimes they come in cute tin cans. I had someone from overseas tell me,

you know your tea cans of tea will be displayed in a museum.

Teas are great with turkish delight. What you do is make some tea from loose leaves or teabags, and serve 2 pieces of turkish candy delight with tea.You will be the hit of that tea brunch. So much of the tea is drank warm, or hot in Europe. In the USA we drink alot of cold ice tea. Everywhere I traveled in Turkey I never saw cold iced tea. I asked for it manyt times, they thought I was crazy.

Tea is also served in almost every business. The doors are wide open and the tenants from local markets are sitting outside sipping tea. If you happen to come in, they right away send for tea.

When I was in Ankara many times, I would stop and rest on benches in the parks. The park is usually very crowded with many people talking, relaxing, picnicing and having tea. The tea boys run around the park serving up tea. They were so sweet. When I was there, that one  day there were shoe shine boys, runing around with the tea boys. I guess they figured when you getting your shoes shined, you could enjoy a glass of tea.One boy I recalled his shoes had holes in them in the front. He had grown so much his feet went through the shoes. He had on some pants that were way to small, and he had a string around his waist, to hold them up.

And he carried a few roses he had left to sell. He came over to me and I was talking english to him. He took his hand and put it around my  face and feeling me talk. He was so excited to see or hear english being spoken.The reason they were out in the park was to make a couple of dollars. One told us he was needing school supplies. Well thats why I sell teas. I remember the boys working in circles around the park, and it was then I decided I would bring each year some candies, gums, and much needed school supplies to those children. I do this every year.

Some portions of my sales go to buying supplies for them.

You can buy Bayco Authentic Turkish Delight and teas of the world from my TurkishMarket-USA,

by clicking on the red turkish tea cup.

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