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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Turkish Market-USA

Turkish Market-USA has many outlets that lead right into the Market Place.
This Blog is dedicated to those sources.
Turkish Market USA has not just Turkish product, but German coffee and teas.
Turkish Teas and Turkish Coffee and the Turkish coffee sets.
I have Damascus olives,Turkish Olives, and Halva.
Jordan,India,Israel,Germany,Danish, and Greece and many more International
hard to find product.
My No1 Seller is Bayco Turkish Delight. I sell other brands but this is the most
popular especially if your a first timer to Turkish Delight. NOT all Turkish Delight
is the same, even people have tried the wrong brands. I recommend Bayco Turkish
Delight "ASSORTED". You will not even share with your friends.
Bayco comes in Rose and Lemom and or Pistachio. These are made from natural
If you know my store you will also know I sell cosmetics, and Health and Beauty Products.
It seems my customers from over seas cannot get most of our products, and when they do they charge way too much overseas. So I do flat rate boxes for them.
If they don't see it, ask and I will go out and check.
I also a variety of other items which includes Vintage items such as Napier,Monet, M.I.Hummel ,Goebel and more. I have a few left on Nascar,and the Dallas Cowboys.
Well just come in and check it out as I always do auctions . I am clearing out items to other sources, and or selling them off. So keep coming back and look for banners or links that
will lead you straight to that item.
Please be patient as I restock items

Just CLICK and go check it out or just buy.

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